Over the last decade, the world is gradually adopting the use of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology as it has become glaring how beneficial the innovation is. The adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has successfully transformed various sectors where the use has been employed such as finance, energy, education, health, agriculture, etc. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology are highly beneficial; for instance, the use of blockchain across many sectors has driven security, thanks to the fact that cryptocurrency utilities the efficiency of blockchain, and secures transactions using cryptography, making it impossible to hack or alter.

In addition to the security this innovation promotes, cryptocurrency functions as a medium of exchange that promotes full decentralization, something the use of fiat money or traditional finance system cannot afford. With cryptocurrency, the role of a central entity or middleman is eliminated, and fund owners are granted full control over their funds, allowing them to execute peer-to-peer transactions, with the ease of receiving and sending money regardless of their location around the globe.

In line with the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, has been created, and is set to transform the global payments processing industry, and the method consumer and business banking is executed between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

PDX Coin is a powerful cryptocurrency created with the mission to deliver a cryptocurrency with simplified use for token holders and merchants, while it stands tall as the new go to trading currency. Backed by a competent team of management and advisors with in-depth knowledge in banking and finance, technology, law, energy and corporate management; PDX Coin is set to transform the global payments processing industry, and the method consumer and business banking is executed between cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies.

It is a known fact that most merchants still don’t accept cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange, largely because of factors like the high volatility nature of cryptocurrency, lack of payment infrastructure, and the general inability to use them in micro-transactions. The limited ability to spend cryptocurrency in our day-to-day lives hampers the growth of the crypto industry and the consumer and commercial world particularly, and PDX coin is set to proffer solution to this issue by providing token holders with easy ways to pay with their token, thereby sending PDX to mainstream and vast usage. Additionally, PDX banking and payment ecosystem will permit any point of sale terminal to install an easy-to-use app for crypto-trading, much in the same way as with fiat currency. This app will as well facilitate payments from online crypto payments.

The PDX is forged to be a day-to-day and easily used cryptocurrency, and will be backed by a large base of energy reserves to further boost its value and price. Its ecosystem consists of three major arms that will work in tandem to drive the mass adoption of PDX coin as a medium of payment and store of value or valuable asset for merchants and consumers. Its ecosystem consists of:

• A new global banking network that provides several retail banking services that is capable of performing a worldwide virtual/digital banking.

• A crypto exchange business with unique features and a huge community.

• A blockchain-based merchant payments processing business.

• Mobile apps: An ease of use mobile app that facilitates instant global payments and transfers of goods and services.

• Exchange: A unique exchange for major world Fiat currencies like USD, EUR, etc, as well as other top cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH and so on.

• Optimal speed and nominal fee worldwide value transfer

• Fully-secured encrypted messaging app.

• High liquidity and top 50 cryptocurrency by total marketcap following a worldwide token sale. Etc.

In an already saturated market where new cryptocurrencies are introduced on daily basis, the following reasons are some of the reasons why every crypto enthusiast or investor must pay heed to PDX Coin:

• PDX is designed for easy use for both businesses and consumers

• Backed by a competent team with deep-rooted experience in various fields including technology, banking and finance, law and so on. It takes competence to deliver and this is what this team has done so far.

• Deployed on the robust Ethereum blockchain to ensure longevity and growth.

• PDX Coin is backed by physical assets which gives it a shield over long term volatility. It is also a reliable store of value with defined use cases.

• Already listed on the renowned P2PB2B crypto exchange with more listings to follow suit.

• Built-in reliable security features to tackle token theft and hacks. Etc.

PDX powerful token is built on Ethereum blockchain for longevity, making it ERC20 compatible. A Public Token Sale will begin in the second half of 2022 for private and public pre-sales. Up to 100,000,000 tokens are to be sold worldwide during the offering at $75, the projected price per token. Funds generated from these sales will be channelled to the further development of the project, including developing the energy assets, acquisitions of banking and payment businesses, etc.

To receive or store token, investors can use any digital wallet such as Coinomi (a renowned digital wallet that has a formal partnership with PDX).

Although cryptocurrency and blockchain has recorded significant growth since its inception, it is yet to go into mainstream no thanks to several challenges such as high volatility nature and so on. PDX Coin is one cryptocurrency that will change the status quo, as it has been created to become a top safe-harbor tokenized store of value, and a medium of exchange designed for every merchant and consumer. The time is now to join its growing community!.

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Proof of Authentication Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=5382751.msg59201145#msg59201145

Forum Username: Incarts

Forum Profile Link: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2022078

Telegram Username: @Incarts

PDX ERC20 Wallet Address on P2PB2B: 0x61Cb43eE8a96AE0E19f20E63800B3238B3973750



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