Cryptocurrency through the help of a robust distributed ledger called blockchain technology has remarkably impacted our world today. In addition to the fact that it brings innovation across different sectors and industries, cryptocurrency has highlighted itself as the future of money thanks to its endless advantages and potentials.

In recent times, the innovation of cryptocurrency has led to massive attention to NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens), a unique asset in the digital world. NFTs are regarded as cryptographic assets, used to symbolize the values of some physical items, including photos, artworks, music albums, and other digital files on the blockchain, and cannot be interchanged with anything else. NFTs have unique properties, and can be easily differentiated because they are designed with unique metadata and identification codes.

To determine the values of NFTs, ownership, and verification is utilized, and these values and ownership are tracked using a decentralized leader; this way, it facilitates a steady revenue for the creators anytime these tokens are traded. The fact that NFTs cannot be traded like cryptocurrencies, getting a reliable NFT marketplace has become a hassle; however, ITSMYNE changes the status quo, by providing a unique social-plus NFT marketplace to the global world.


There is no gainsaying that digital assets like non-fungible tokens play an important role in the digital space; in addition to creating new business models and various opportunities, they also enable NFTs creators to deliver their fans some thrilling benefits. What’s more, they can be used to successfully verify the original owner of digital items, etc, and also facilitate ownership transfer, eschewing the need for the involvement of intermediaries.

ITSYMNE is a secure and reliable social-plus marketplace platform for officially licensed sports NFTs. It is a top-notch platform designed to enable the easy purchase of officially licensed NFTs from the best athletes, celebrities, sports team, etc. ITSMYNE perfectly understands the benefits and roles of NFTs in the digital world, which is why it has come to deliver NFTs enthusiasts an ideal marketplace where they can experience hitch-free trading of these unique tokens.

Unlike other NFTs marketplace, ITSMYNE functions as a Reddit-like community-driven marketplace where fans engage in their favorite topic of discussion, and trade officially licensed NFTs that are relevant to those topics. ITSMYNE is dedicated to creating an unprecedented opportunity tagged NaaS (NFTs-as-a-Service), which focuses on the seamless, scalable and extremely monetizable onboarding of famous bands, teams, stars, influencers and so on from the Cinema and Sports industries, and to be the top platform covering digital collectibles from film/cinema, athletes, sports events, movie and music stars, production houses among others.


Marketplace: ITSMYNE marketplace is at the center of all operations within the platform, allowing users to sell, buy and gift NFTs from their favorite creators in the world of cinema and sport. All NFTs are limited editions and only available for a predetermined period and will be categorized under Gold, Silver, and Platinum.

Fan Token Drops(FTD): Sports teams and movie studios will be allowed to create their unique token which they issue to buyers on ITSMYNE. Buyers can then use them to redeem offline and online loyalty bonuses. Fan Tokens can only be purchased with MYNE

ITSMYNE Swap: A decentralized swapping web platform similar to Pancake Swap which will enable the listing and trading of fan tokens. On the completion of the FTD process, these fan tokens will list on ITSMYNE swap and can be traded just like every other token on exchanges.

Affiliate Partners and Crowd-funders: ITSMYNE will duly reward affiliate partners (individuals and businesses who help NFT creators onboard). On completing sales from such creators they introduce, these affiliate partners will earn a certain percentage from the revenue. Crowd-funders who co-invest in licensing pools by staking MYNE will also earn from this reward system.

Governance: As a community-driven platform, ITSMYNE will organize a voting system for community governance, the voting rules will be announced in the future.

ITSMYNE Finance: With many financial-related services going on on the platform, this arm will manage all of its activities. Including staking, crowd-funding, etc.

Foundation(Future Roadmap): A custodian of physical memorabilia which will become assets that back a certain NFT class.


Below are a few reasons among many reasons why ITSMYNE is a top NFT platform

  • ITSMYNE is highly flexible, with options to sell, buy, bid, and gift collectibles, and options to pay in crypto or fiat.
  • Simple onboarding that allows anyone from any part of the world to easily sign up using their email address.
  • In addition to their user-friendly interface, ITSMYNE team is constantly on standby to offer users valuable support that will help them have the most suitable experience using the platform
  • ITSMYNE addresses creators’ concerns around their NFTs leading to environmental hazards, minting them on the NEAR blockchain, which saves energy compared to the Ethereum blockchain.


ITSMYNE has a native token called MYNE, a powerful token issued on Binance Smart Chain. This token empowers the ecosystem, the community governance token, and denotes users’ rights on the platform. It is also the base token and has a total supply of 100,000,000 MYNE.

MYNE Utility

  • As the community governance token, holders of MYNE can create and participate in voting different ITSMYNE proposals.
  • MYNE is also the reward token of the ecosystem and will be sent to MYNE holders and ITSMYNE Star owners. These MYNE rewards are bought back tokens which will be bought using a percentage of ITSMYNE net profits.
  • As time goes on, many Defi projects will be launched and managed on ITSMYNE. This will allow MYNE holders to yield even more interest using their tokens.
  • MYNE holders will enjoy discounts on collectible purchases, depending on the amount of MYNE they hold.

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NFTs are deployed on the blockchain network and exist in different forms including artworks, photos, video clips, etc. NFT is fast-growing in recent times, a sign that it is here to stay. If NFTs are made easier to sell, buy, collect or create, this will transform the sport and cinema industries. ITSMYNE, a leading NFT marketplace aims to see to this by being the number one Reddit-like NFT platform for the buying and selling of officially licensed digital collectibles.

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