Decentralized Finance (Defi) was introduced to resolve the limitations of centralized finance and has delivered tons of benefits in the crypto world, eliminating third parties such as banks, government, and other financial bodies, and allowing the Defi community to have full authority over their assets. While the centralized finance system uses third parties and possesses authority over peoples’ assets, Defi, on the other hand, is devoid of central authority, transparent, convenient, secure, permissionless (open for everyone to access), and offers various types of services for users’ profits on a trustless ecosystem.

The Defi world is growing at a fast pace and has had over $20bn deployed in various Defi projects with most of them recording massive success. This growth has seen more Defi projects created in their numbers, and the competition to stand out is getting more intense; however, DEFIFARMS is one Defi-based project and an AMM exchange that delivers unprecedented services and benefits, such as decentralized trading, endless earning opportunities, etc; and carves out a class of its own as a leading project in the Defi world.

This post is meant to let readers understand what this fascinating project is about, how it takes Defi to the next level through its products, and the endless benefits it delivers to its investors and users.


DEFIFARMS is an easy-to-use platform that aims at using a different approach to fight the problem of volatility, by offering a transactional solution without dependencies on any single point of failure.

Known as the first NFT protocol powerful automatic liquidity acquisition yield farm and AMM (Automated Market Maker) exchange, DEFIFARMS is built on the Binance Smart Chain and is free from the control of central bodies, giving users full control of their assets and rewarding them to massively.

As an Automated Market Maker (AMM) exchange DEFIFARMS uses a mathematical formula to price digital assets in contrast with the use of an order book which is common in Centralized exchanges, and thus permits instant trading or swapping of crypto assets. DEFIFARMS addresses the many challenges of the AMM such as low capital efficiency, impermanent loss, and front running.


  • Automatic liquidity: All transfers made with DEFIY come with a fee of 8%. 6% transfer tax will be added to the DEFIY-BNB liquidity pool to increase the price floor and the liquidity will be locked. Prior to the launch of DEFIFARMS on AMM dex, the liquidity will be added on PancakeSwap, and DefiFarms as well. The remaining 2% will be burned
  • Harvest Lockup: With the harvest lockup, the rate at which rewards are being claimed from pools is restricted, users who participate in staking are allowed to claim their rewards after 4hrs. This step is aimed at preventing constant harvesting and dumping.
  • Anti Whale: Whales are crypto investors who hold a large portion of the total supply. The transactions of whales can have a huge effect on the crypto price movements, DEFIFARM has set up an anti-whale feature that will reject transactions that are above 0.15% of the max supply, and will be reduced as total supply gets bigger. These restrictions do not apply to deposits and withdrawals from farms.


  • Dex Trading: As an AMM exchange, DEFIFARM facilitates decentralized exchange which is open to users from around the world and allows users to join anonymously. Additionally, an order book is not required for swapping of tokens, since one isn’t trading against other traders but against the liquidity pool, the liquidity pool is backed by LP providers who stand to benefit from the transaction fees accrued from transactions on this pool.
  • Yield Farming: DEFlFARMS permits the staking and lending of crypto assets by users, helping them to generate crypto rewards, which are sent to their wallets. With the yield farming feature, liquidity providers are rewarded thereby locking up their tokens and earning a portion of the profits generated through management of the liquidity pool via a smart contract.
  • Staking: With this staking feature, users can raise the value to the security of networks. With Staking, users can help confirm transactions that exist within the protocol or the blockchain involved, earning rewards depending on their share of the total value locked up.
  • DEFIFARMS Wallet: DEFIFARMS Wallet has been developed to promote convenience and ease for users of AMM protocol. This exciting product will be a cross-chain wallet that will allow users to access their tokens across various blockchains.
  • NFTs: NFTs are becoming the trend in recent times and have grown to become a billion-dollar market. These are data units stored on the blockchain and are not interchangeable, for example; photos, artwork, video, etc. DEFIFARM has offered an NFTs exchange platform for easy trading of NFTs and easy creation of the DEFlFARMS NFTs.


DEFIY and DFTC tokens are the official tokens of DEFIFARMS, and will be utilized to enable yield farming, staking, earnings, trade settlements, and gains across different blockchains.

DEFIY is the native token of DEFIFARMS, a BEP20 compatible token that is built on the robust Binance Smart Chain and has the following details:

• Token Name: DefiFarms Non-Fungible Yearn

• Chain: Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)

• Token Symbol: DEFIY

• Contract Address: (TBA)

• Max Supply: 100,000,000

Token Distribution

• Seed (8%): 8,000,000

• Private (15%): 15,000,000

• Public (1%): 1,000,000

• Farming/staking/reward (18%): 18,000,000

  • Marketing (12%): 12,000,000

• Liquidity (15%): 15,000,000

•Ecosystem (11%): 11,000,000

• Team (15%): 15,000,000

  • Advisor & Partnership (5%): 5,000,000


The centralized finance system is characterized by a central body controlling the people’s funds. It comes with a lot of challenges such as price manipulations, hack, high transaction fees, and so on. However, the introduction of Decentralized finance has resolved most of these challenges. A team of experts with versed knowledge of the financial system, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology have consolidated on this success of Defi and has come up with DEFIFARMS, a Defi-based project that will introduce many innovations and benefits to make Defi even more efficient.

With a platform that is accessible, convenient, easy to use, and offers many rewarding opportunities, DEFIFARMS has announced itself as the AMM exchange that will take Defi to the next level.

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