Cryptocurrency, a digital currency that uses cryptography in securing its transactions and is supported by blockchain technology was created in 2009 starting with Bitcoin. The introduction of cryptocurrency was mainly to serve as virtual currency that will be adopted globally as an online payment currency. Cryptocurrency was created to facilitate p2p payments without the involvement of central authorities like the government and banks. Following the success of Bitcoin, many developers have been encouraged to come up with various cryptocurrencies and today we have thousands of different cryptocurrencies with some of them reaching thousands of USD in worth per unit.

Apart from serving as a payment currency, cryptocurrency provides lots of investment opportunities and has seen millions of investors troop into the crypto-verse with the hopes of earning passive income and maximizing their profits. If harnessed properly, the crypto industry can be quite lucrative for investors; however like every other industry, the crypto industry is not without challenges that tend to impede its growth and scare away investors. From insecurity to price manipulations, market risks, government regulations, and so on, the crypto industry has lots of issues to address. One of such challenges that is worrisome for crypto investors and traders is the uncertainty and insecurity surrounding many cryptocurrency exchanges.

In a nutshell, a cryptocurrency exchange is regarded as a marketplace where the crypto community can trade (buy or sell) digital currencies with cryptocurrency or fiat. In the past most exchanges have shown why they can not be relied upon; while some have been hacked, others have been built with fraudulent intentions. However, when looking for a secure and reliable exchange for CFDs and more, the only exchange with a difference is Exchange.

Bitop is a top-class crypto contracts exchange in Singapore, created by a professional development team with the mission to provide millions of its community users with secure and reliable digital assets and derivatives trading services. Bitop Exchange is dedicated to developing a fully autonomous blockchain digital asset symbiosis and co-prosperity new ecology, with a focus precisely set on serving users a smooth user experience.

Bitop is focused on security and provides risk security fund challenge by combining the dual methods of centralization and decentralization to create a million-dollar risk protection fund with LPs (liquidity providers) and project parties. Since the establishment of Bitop Exchange, it has followed strictly the values of security, integrity, equality, and privacy, and has been providing easy, secure, and swift crypto trading services across 150 countries at least.

CFDs (contract for differences) is a contract in which you agree to exchange the difference in the price of an asset from when the first opening of your position to when you close it. With CFDs trading, you are speculating on the market price, as against taking ownership of the asset. In other words, with CFDs, traders can predict the future market movements of an underlying asset, rather than taking ownership of the underlying asset. CFDs traders don’t have asset ownership while trading CFDs instead they speculate on different crypto pairs, taking profits from the rising and falling market movements. This can be highly beneficial as traders can take advantage of both rising and falling markets, and they can freely trade on assets, free from the risk of hacks and theft.

Bitop fulfills the goal of CFDs traders and more because it is focused on giving traders the best experience. Unlike every other platform, Bitop users enjoy mouth-watering incentives, Bitop provides users up to 100x leverage of two-way ordering trade, a lightning speed ordering trade, and professional ordering trade.

  • Security remains a serious topic in the crypto world, and Bitop has taken a step forward ahead of every other exchange platform by using the best-updated technologies that are designed specially to guarantee the security of the exchange and the safety of users’ funds. Users of this amazing platform are safe in the knowledge that their funds are in safe hands away from possible hacks and theft.
  • Bitop is highly reliable having been fully audited and passed both continuous offensive and defensive tests. The competent team of Bitop has developed innovative risk management functions to make up for users losses.
  • Crypto exchanges can be overwhelming particularly for beginners,Bitop has taken a forward step to avoid this by setting up a real-time strategy discussion group where all users can get professional guide and advice. With the guidance of these professionals, users of Bitop are sure to make favorable trading decisions that will help them maximize their profits.
  • Bitop exchange app has integrated a one-click copy trading that will enhance ease of use. The use of simulated trading can help users get a grip on what CFD trading entails and how they can use it to make optimal profits.
  • The click-twice feature on the Bitop app enables users to quickly close one or all CFDs simultaneously.
  • The team of Bitop understands that the concept of trading can be exhausting and boring. To ease the tension and make trading fun, afun trading section has been integrated that will include some fun quizzes that will make trading all the more fun and productive.

The success of every crypto trader to a large extent depends on the efficiency of the exchange he or she uses. When it comes to all the services and features that will guarantee success, Bitop has it all. Bitop is focused on CFD, a derivative product meant to allow traders to speculate on the market movement of crypto assets and earn both through downward or upward movements. It doesn’t end there, Bitop integrates unique features such as Futures trading, Spot trading, several derivatives, etc, as well as a user-friendly interface to go with, all to allow all kinds of traders to maximize their profits.

BITOP is dedicated to seeing that all traders on its platform have the best experience that is unrivaled on any other exchange platform. For this reason and more, Bitop stands out as the sure plug exchange for every crypto enthusiast.

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